Kevin Flory

Fire Chief

Flory started his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter in Lecompton, Kansas in 1986. In 1987, he was hired as a volunteer firefighter with the then Topeka-Tecumseh Fire District.

Flory attained his Emergency Medical Technician license in 1988. Flory progressed from Firefighter to a Lieutenant,
Captain, and finally a District Chief at Topeka-Tecumseh.

In 1998, Flory left full time employment with Topeka-Tecumseh Fire District to go to work at the City of Topeka Fire Department.  Flory worked through the ranks there from Firefighter to Lieutenant. He then transferred to the Training Division. Flory retired from Topeka Fire in 2021 as Division Chief of Training.

Flory stayed as a part time firefighter with Shawnee Height’s Fire District from 1998 until 2008. He then joined Soldier Township Fire Department as a part time firefighter and served there until 2018.

Flory was hired at Shawnee Heights Fire District as the assistant Fire Chief February 2022 and then was promoted to his current role as Fire Chief, April 1st, 2024.

Flory also served on the Executive Board of the Kansas State Firefighters Association from 2004 until 2022.

Flory earned an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Hutchinson Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration from Columbia Southern University. He is also a Kansas Certified Emergency Manager.

Chief Flory and his wife Pam have four grown children and one grandchild.